Types of Industries

Freight Forwarding & Supply Chain Management

Freight Forwarding/Supply chain management is emerging as a complete industry that deals with the movement of raw material from the source to the consumer in the form of final product. Seek HR is specialist in providing highly efficient professionals for all levels, pan India.


Today, the Hospitality Industry is witnessing a complete change over, particularly in the luxury category. The recruitment services for hospitality industry in itself; is a very wide process as the sector covers number of service areas. With the growth of hotel industry, propelled by increasing foreign and domestic business and tourism travel, the demand for well-trained quality personnel has grown tremendously. The diverse range of hospitality industry jobs provides excellent opportunities for all sorts of people with different skill levels, educational backgrounds and experience.

Media & Advertising

The global impact of the Indian aptitude with respect to the media Industry is not only being noticed but appreciated worldwide. Journalism and media jobs are concerned with the collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. Career in journalism is the prestigious profession as well as a highly paid one. With the invention of cable TV, numerous news channels that are working day and night, the jobs in media industry are increasing in number.

Pharma & Healthcare

Employment of pharmacists is expected to grow faster than the average in the coming years, due to the increased pharmaceutical needs of a growing elderly population and increased use of medications.
The investment in research and development is envisaged to expand the sphere of business activity, both in the country and in abroad. Multinational joint venture partnerships have given a thrust to this growth. . The growth in demand for doctors and in this Indian doctors are required to a great extent because of the strong academics and zeal to learn and innovate new things.

It is predicted that Employment growth in the various occupations in the telecommunications industry is expected to increase by every year. Indian engineers witness a huge demand in the International Telecommunication Industry, as they are considered to be icons of high-tech executives, telecomm technicians, installers, mechanical engineers, telecomm marketers and desk top support people in Telecomm companies all around the world.

Infrastructure & Real Estate

Firms all over the world are modernizing, applying new technologies, expanding internationally, and employing more engineers than ever before. Small, medium, and large Real estate firms alike are striving for the most modern management on their projects and as businesses. By using modern technology and current management methods, constructors are leaving behind the image of the construction workplace as a grimy and labor-intensive setting.

Financial Services & Consulting

Financial jobs in India as well as internationally are mounting in number with the opening of many new banks, financial institutes, organizations and internationally competing enterprises in the recent time. As the economy expands, job growth for Financial Managers will stem from both the expansion of established companies and from the creation of new businesses all across the globe.


At world level, manufacturing sector as a whole has grown moderately in production and employment since last decade. The manufacturing sector has added steam to its growth parameters and it is predicted that this growth rate will accelerate in the coming years, thus resulting in high demand of Indian Professionals in both national as well as in international market.


IT is a very huge field that is becoming an integral part of every business across the world. Local business can now be placed on an international platform with the help of information technology that combines communication and IT infrastructure for better and fast communication. So with this each year many IT jobs are generated. Career in information technology is very lucrative. Even the fresher has good salary and there are numerous growth prospects in this sector.


Auto industry in India is witnessing huge growth and so does the auto jobs. With new innovations and increased purchasing power of the buyers the auto industry in India is getting worldwide recognition. Many International brands are coming to India and setting their plants here because of the large consumption of cars and bike here.

E-commerce & Retailing

It is another big industry that has gained excellence in this consumer culture. More and more people get fascinated by the concept of buying things from shopping centers, malls , big arenas where all most all the necessary things are done under one platform.. As new retail stores are coming new recruits are needed thus offering great future assets.

Consumer Goods & Durables

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) segment is the fourth largest sector in the Indian economy. This industry includes the production, distribution and marketing of consumer packaged goods such as food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, plastic goods, paper and stationery and household products etc. Leading FMCG companies have continued to invest in hiring in the range of 3 per cent to 4 per cent with an eye on the robust growth forecast. The demand for fresh manpower in the FMCG industry is expected to be high mainly in sales and marketing.

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