Auxiliary services

It is advisable that every organisation should carry out checks to validate the information given by the candidate in his/her resume. Seek HR Solutions provide below mentioned cost effective
Auxillary Services on demand

Background check

Seek HR can also provide background checks if required.A complete reference and background check of the applicant is essential prior to their joining your organization. Conducting a reference check helps client uncover key irregularity that may render a potential new employee unsuitable for the job, and save the client from making an avoidable hiring mistake.

1) Residential Address Check:

We carry out these checks discreetly to ensure that his/her residential address is correct

2) Character Reference Check:

We take proper feedbacks from the reliable person known to the candidate, about his/her character and activities

3) Pre Employment Check:

Verifies the information provided by the candidate with respect to his previous employment. The information can include designation, tenure of employment, nature of exit (voluntary / involuntary) and CTC.

4) Academic Record Check:

This check validates that the candidate has not included any wrong information pertaining to his educational qualifications / academic record.

5) Criminal Record Check:

This check validates whether any case has been filed against the name of the candidate in the police station records.

6) Database Search:

Evaluate background verification of the candidate’s name that it does not figure in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases,
civil cases databases and compliance databases.

7) Drug Tests:

We can arrange these tests from the nearest recognized labs for 5/7/10 panel drug tests.

8) Court cases check/ Identification check/Medical test.

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