Human Resource work trends , What they mean for you?
We need to analyse and find solution to below mentioned emerging trends

  • How to improve productivity alongside maintaining good employee relationship.
  • What conflicts can be better managed informally at work place.
  • Will flexible form of working be answer to work life balance.
  • What role social platforms play in promoting employee voice.
  • Leadership/Motivation/Ethics: How do you get your employees to feel good about work support, mission. vision and values of your organization ?
  • Handling change management. The change of employees, major policies and environment have their own challenges. These need to be handled effectively so that the productivity continue to improve.
  •  Individualise your performance management now. The best organizations in the world are those that deliver best output in a way that is sustainable over the long period.

Above mentioned are some of the major challenges, However there are many more points to be considered which will be elaborated subsequently

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