6 Signs show your company need HR outsourcing

Even most successful organization have to make a decision whether certain HR roles are to be handled in house or by human resource outsourcing (HRO). There are few signs which indicate that HRO may be resorted to. These are discussed below:

  • Quality of work: In case the in house staff is not able to produce expected quality of work for a long period it may be out sourced while the team may need to be changed gradually.
  • Missed Deadlines: If large complaints are received regarding pay cheque s, documents handling. An HRO may be entrusted for the job without hiring new hr employees.
  • High Cost: In case the cost incurred is high the HRO services may be resorted to. This may also increase efficiency, quality and speed and also reduced internal cost.
  • In house staff over worked: HRO may be resorted to.
  • More Mistakes: In house staff is likely to make more mistakes if over worked, HRO may be resorted to.
  • Unsatisfied HR staff: If HR workers complaint more frequently, their output will also be of unsatisfactory quality. An HRO can step in during busy seasons to take on such requirements
  • Above mentioned points are few indicators for outsourcing the requirements. However the organization must take sufficient steps to prevent any loss of important information to the outsourcer.

    Benefits of Human resource Outsourcing (HRO) in the organization

    An HRO can provide lots of specified services such as pay roll automation, employee support desks, recruitment and training at an affordable cost. Consequently your staff can concentrate on their core work and issues. Some of the benefits are discussed below :

    Recruitment: Any in house HR staff can find and hire new employees. However HRO has its wide ranging expertise and can handle, screening, testing, interviews, back ground checking far more professionally and efficiently. All these can be delivered with better quality and in a shorter time frame.

    Training and Development: In most of the Organisations(SMEs and MNCs) the in house staff is already over busy with their primary work. Removing the staff form their primary work will adversely affect the productivity and morale. However an HRO can arrange qualified and experienced professional to deliver the specified Training in an innovative manner at an affordable cost.

    Support Desks: HRO can provide support desks to handle employees enquries 24×7 basis.

    Compliances: HRO can ensure that the Organisation follows all statutory compliances as laid down by the Govt. from time to time.

    Legal Services: HRO can provide all types of legal services to companies and handle any litigations in a professional manner.

    Relocation: As and when companies relocate to new locations, there are many unforeseen challenges and hassels. HRO can undertake to carry out specified tasks during this transit period.